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Dalya Hasam

Junior Consultant

Dalya has been working as a junior consultant at +Rasmussen since November 2022




Schüsselkorb 19, 28195 Bremen, Germany

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About Me

Dalya is a dedicated industrial engineer in the master's program in production engineering and has been working as a junior consultant at +Rasmussen since November 2022. In her bachelor's degree, she focused on materials science, whereas in her master's degree, she focused on innovation management and systems development. She has acquired knowledge in business management areas such as project management, agile methods such as Scrum, Lean Startup and Production, as well as Design Thinking, and has applied these in practice within university projects. She has also acquired a comprehensive technical understanding of the production of technical and other products in industry and IT calculations. This has given her experience in being part of the development team of an established product as well as conceptualizing, costing and launching her own product or problem solving future major issues of the day through optimization modeling concepts. She is ambitious, visionary, willing to learn and always looking to develop her skills and continue her education.

Other facts: Karate, tennis, interest in world affairs and interrelationships, interest in biological processes and related visions of the future, creative self-development.

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