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David Dworsky


David joined +RASMUSSEN as a Junior Consultant in November 2022




Hauptstr. 4, 82319 Starnberg, Germany

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About Me

David joined +RASMUSSEN as a Junior Consultant in November 2022. During his studies at university, he focused on strategic business management & leadership and wrote his bachelor thesis on diversity effects in top management teams. As a consultant, David specializes in strategic transformation and organizational development projects, supporting organizations in their endeavor to successfully implement strategic change and achieve sustainable growth in the process.  

Additionally, he designs and conducts workshops for agile teams, focusing on agile frameworks and team dynamics, as well as the empowerment of teams to implement agile methodologies. David currently is also developing personalities and providing tactical training to young talents in sports. 


Fun facts: David plays soccer at a semi-professional level and loves sports of all kinds. He also has a big passion for great films and playing the guitar.  

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