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Jonas Schmid


Jonas joined +RASMUSSEN as a consultant in 2020 and has been a partner at our company since December 2022. He is particularly responsible for the development of our Academy and related development programs.




Schüsselkorb 19, 28195 Bremen, Germany

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About Me

After completing his Master's degree in Business Psychology at the University of Bremen and a semester abroad in Canada, Jonas joined +RASMUSSEN. In his master's thesis, Jonas dealt with the change in leadership and leadership roles during the Covid19 pandemic.

Before working as a consultant and trainer, Jonas gained experience in HR in a major German corporation, in online marketing in a Munich start-up and in project management in the aircraft industry.

Jonas specializes in the delivery of trainings for (top) managers, agile management & agile methods and is a certified Design Your Own Career trainer. Additionally, he is certified as an OKR Trainer & Coach and is currently undergoing further training as a mediator to be able to advise our clients on how to deal with and overcome conflicts.

Other facts: Jonas loves to play and watch American football & do Calisthenics, so he’s always up for a sports discussion. Jonas also enjoys trying out new things, taking singing lessons or going surfing with friends in the summer.

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