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Niels Rasmussen

Managing Partner

Niels is a Danish International with over 25 years of consulting and leadership experience gained in Australia, Denmark, USA, and Germany.




Hauptstr. 4, 82319 Starnberg, Germany

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About Me

As a member of Hewitt Associates (Aon Hewitt) European Leadership Council, he led senior management teams across Europe and brought significant growth to Hewitt Associates.
He later went on to develop the KPMG HR Consulting business in Germany. In his consulting career, he was the global lead consultant to a number of Hewitt’s biggest clients and worked with the C-Suite at a number of DAX 30 organisations as well as US Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to joining Hewitt Associates in Chicago, Niels served in the Danish Diplomatic Service as Commercial Affairs Officer with the Royal Danish Consulate General in Chicago. This was after his career start in the FMCG sector where he spent the early part in Australia and Denmark.

Niels developed the STAR® and Co-Zone® concepts through his years of C-Suite consulting, leading large consulting firms and senior consulting teams. In 2013, he founded +RASMUSSEN to further develop the C-Suite Consulting & Influencing training and coaching (CSC&I). In 2014, Niels was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to Copenhagen, Denmark, under the Protectorate of HRH Prince Joakim of Denmark.

He holds an MBA (Master of Management) from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and additionally completed MBA course work at Harvard Business School specialising in leading Professional Services Firms. His undergraduate studies were completed in Australia and Denmark.

Other facts: Historian and politician at heart, but ended up in management and consulting. Anybody who wants to have a discussion over Winston Churchill can always stop by for a beer or a great red wine.

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