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Dr. Philip Cordes Berszinn


Philip is a transformation consultant and leadership trainer with an academic background in "Dynamic Capabilities of Organizations". As a partner at Plus Rasmussen, he is responsible for the design and implementation of transformation and leadership development programs.




Schüsselkorb 19, 28195 Bremen, Germany

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About Me

Philip has more than 10 years of experience in transformation management and leadership development. His focus is on the design of participative transformation processes and the teaching of methods, skills and personal development for managers at all levels. His areas of expertise include strategy, leadership, organizational development, change management, healthy growth and corporate transformation. He is an expert in modern leadership cultures, participative strategy development and agile transformation and has successfully led change processes and leadership training in numerous projects for clients such as Merck, Daimler, Valeo, Allianz, pronova BKK, Gasnetz, Johannesbad and IHK Dresden.


As the author of the book "Dynamic Capabilities" (Palgrave 2013), Philip has demonstrated his expertise in the area of organizational change capabilities and was awarded a doctorate with distinction for his work. In his role as a consultant and coach, he focuses on shaping transformation processes, developing leadership models and cultures, and driving holistic strategy development, organizational development and agile reorganization. He has extensive experience in innovative strategy development and has successfully implemented transformation and strategic restructuring projects. In addition, he offers transformational training and workshops focusing on topics such as transformational leadership, leadership fundamentals, agile methods and ways of working or change management.



  • Ph.D. with distinction: Strategic Management & Organizational Development, Jacobs University

  • Diploma in Economics, University of Bremen  

  • OKR Master & Train-the-Trainer Certified at Workpath

  • 5 years New Leadership Coaching (Specht Emotional Balancing)

Other facts: Passion for music and playing with his own band all over Germany.

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