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👐 "Sharing is Caring" - but how do we share and document knowledge and learning experiences?

A question that has accompanied me at every stage of my professional life to date.

What I have learned in the last few years - no matter how big an organization is or how it is organized - the need to make #knowledge available in the organization and to share #learning experiences is present in every organization.

I have already seen a wide variety of solutions - from an internal wiki that is maintained, to Slack & Teams sharing channels or specially designed meeting formats.

I have the feeling that a distinction can be made between two main forms – on the one hand, expert and specialist knowledge is shared and made available in the organization. On the other hand, to share experiences that result from reflections, mistakes made or even discussions and project work.

At the same time, there are simply a multitude of topics and not all topics or experiences are always relevant for everyone in the team. So I see the need for different formats to a certain extent:

👉 Small "knowledge nuggets" can also be shared via chat in the team.

💬 Expertise in the team or experiences that actively fit the strategic orientation or are related to current topics/problems, on the other hand, require active exchange and learning formats from my point of view.

Internally, we have set up two fairly simple formats for this over the past few months:

💻 For the knowledge nuggets, a "Sharing is Caring" channel in teams, where we share exciting thoughts, ideas or learnings.

🏋‍♀️ For strategic expertise, the format of the "Bootcamp" sessions - these are 1-2 hour learning sessions that are currently still irregular, but always suitable for current topics, problems or challenges.

In my opinion, the #bootcamp sessions in particular have been very successful so far because we design them in such a way that there is always only a limited amount of input from our internal experts.

We then always included active parts in these sessions, in which we come directly to the application of the knowledge and thus make it usable for us as an organization. The picture in the post was taken in our last session on LinkedIn 😎

🤔 What I'm actually not satisfied with at the moment is the sharing of knowledge, experiences or ideas that don't require a one-hour session right now - the Teams Channel is a good start, but is quickly forgotten and can become confusing. From my point of view, too little is shared and the exchange on the topics (especially between our offices) does not really take place yet.

Hence my question - do you have any experience of how you share knowledge internally or ideas/tips that we could try?


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