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Some key take-aways, a few numbers and a reading recommendation for all Talent Managers and Leaders

Charting an own career path requires:

1. Visibility into opportunities and paths,

2. the means to learn and practice, and

3. rich feedback and coaching.

Often only the Top Talents (maybe only 5%) in a company will be provided with this. That leaves 95% of employees without these opportunities and hence these numbers:

◼ 63% of people who changed jobs in 2021 cited a lack of advancement of opportunities as a reason

◼ 49% of employees feel they need better support for their career development

◼ 67% say that advancing their careers is important to them

◼ 35% said their next job will take them off their current career path

◼ 25% believe they will be more likely to advance their career at a different employer

„Helping employees explore new opportunities is in a company’s own best interests… (but) Employees can’t explore growth opportunities that they can’t see.” …or that they aren’t allowed or given the chance to explore.

That is why our Program DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE – OWN YOUR CAREER meets the pulse of the time at many of our clients. Using Design Thinking as a tool to develop not a product, but your own personal career path is incredibly powerful – and fun!

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