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C-suite Training at Allianz management

Being a Trusted Transformational Advisor to the C-Suite - Training delivered with an NPS of 91%. For more than 4 years we have the privilege and honor of leading some of Allianz’ best and brightest through our 3-day training "Being a Trusted Transformational Advisor to the C-Suite”.

The training was conceptualized with Allianz in 2014. Since then, training design and architecture are continuously improved with Allianz Operations & IT Academy to best support the participants in driving forward their most important transformation cases. This time, the 12 participants selected two major projects that were supported and further developed by two groups.

This is no small feat as the course arguably has one of the most strenuous learning agendas. Over the three days participants manage to learn, practice and lead in a broad variety of exercises such as: Audience Span, Pitching, Applying the STAR® Model and MBTI® communication preferences to both case clients and themselves, and dealing with their particular case SBOT’s (Strengths, Barriers, Opportunities, Threats). During the same time, they are building bridges to new colleagues and project team members for their most pressing transformation cases.

As in preceding years, we are all grateful for the Fireside Chat with Stefan Rastorfer, who provides great insights, personal stories and experiences on becoming a trusted advisor to the C-Suite.

Thanks to all the participants for the very positive feedback such as:

“An amazing training which brings various backgrounds and perspectives together“,

“A great mix of theory and practice further enriched by the vast experience of the entertaining trainers”, and “A very dynamic program in which learnings are directly applied to real cases”.

We are privileged and proud to be able to accompany these talented managers on their personal and business transformation journeys and we look forward to the next training, taking place on October 10th to 12th in Kempfenhausen.

The next workshop is already oversubscribed but please reach out to us if you have an interest in the next upcoming openings.

For more information on our C-Suite program please contact Dorle Feldmeier. E-Mail:


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