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C-Suite Training at Allianz Management

"Best training ever, insightful, challenging, thought-provoking" - these are some quotes from our participants in the training Being a Trusted Transformational Advisor to the C-Suite that we recently delivered at the Allianz Management Institute -We are very happy about the very positive feedback (NPS 100%).

The participants from many different organizational entities, who are driving large projects and initiatives, formed a great and highly engaged group.

They were trained and coached by Niels Rasmussen and Michael Couch to be even more successful in collaborating with the top management and driving their projects in a complex and challenging business environment.

The training focused on putting your expertise to better use, learning more about how to build trusted relationships with the top management and getting to know new tools and insights on how to successfully drive your projects forward.

As in preceding years, we are all grateful for the Fireside Chat with Stefan Rastorfer, who provides great insights, personal stories and experiences on becoming a trusted advisor to the C-Suite.

For more information on our C-Suite program please contact Dorle Feldmeier. E-Mail:


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