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Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019 took place at the scenic Royal Danish Playhouse, situated beautifully on the harbor front in central Copenhagen. The Summit highlighted important current issues facing the world’s democracies. The Summit successfully brought together 500 participants from over 75 different countries with a range of backgrounds from politics, business, academia and journalism. The Summit offered a variety of viewpoints, the discussions highlighted both the challenges for the upcoming elections facing world democracies, but also the opportunities brought forward by technology.

+Rasmussen is honoured to partner and support the Alliance of Democracy at the CDS 2019.

We are summing up the most interesting speeches and findings for you here:

“Democracy may be broken, but we have no doubt we can fix it” Anders Fogh Rasmussen opens the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2019 with a call to end the phenomenon of Western self-doubt. watch here

Survey: people want more democracy Dalia’s Nico Jaspers presents results of the second Democracy Perception Index, the largest single global study measuring citizens’ trust in governments – more than 175.000 respondents in 54 countries that together represents 75% of the world’s population. watch here

Taiwanese Foreign Minister “Even though our democracy is under threat, we will not give up our democracy and democratic way of life. In fact, we are determined to make Taiwan’s democracy a beacon for those who long for freedom, democracy and the protection of human rights” stressed Joseph Wu watch here Congressman Schiff on US leadership The Chair of the US Congress Intel Committee tells CDS that Congress, in a bipartisan approach, is asserting itself and reinforcing around the world that the US remains committed to democracy, human rights and free expression. watch here

Discussion on global democracy Former President of Malawi Joyce Banda, CEO of Rappler in the Philippines Maria Ressa, and former Indonesian Deputy Foreign Minister Dino Patti Djalal discuss the state of global democracy watch here

Secretary Kerry joins transatlantic fight against election meddling 68th US Secretary of State John Kerry has joined the TRANSATLANTIC COMMISSION ON ELECTION INTEGRITY, a body created to counter the next wave of election interference. The bi-partisan commission united political, tech, media and business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic to shine a spotlight on the challenges of election interference, and to develop solutions working with institutions, governments and tech start-ups.

For more information visit the Alliance of Democracies homepage or facebook.

In Germany, you can also contact us for more information:


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