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Copenhagen Top Closing 2022 with Allianz

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

"+Rasmussen helped to shape my ideas about my career/life plan”;

”All exercises have been a game changer for me personally, as always highly inspirational”;

“Having a leadership training shaped around a city and the mindset of people living and working in it, was something completely unexpected and at same time highly inspirational and energizing"

These are quotes from our participants who were part of the Top-Program Closing Event in Copenhagen that we recently delivered at the Allianz Management Institute - We are very happy about the very positive feedback (NPS 100%).

Together with over 20 top talents from Allianz we spent three days cycling our way through Copenhagen, exploring ways to innovate, collaborate, transform and act as an entrepreneur to close the unique Operations & IT development TOP program which Allianz is driving with our support.

The TOP program includes some of the key talents for senior positions in Organizational Management and IT and had, over the past year, the opportunity not only to strengthen their entrepreneurial and strategic skills but also feeling more prepared for driving transformation within Allianz. We had the pleasure to collaborate with Renate Braun who is leading this talent program sponsored by the Allianz Group COO. Together we wanted to make the program closing in Copenhagen, Denmark, a special learning event for them.

We hosted three interactive and inspiring days. Among others they created new ideas in various workshops in order to obtain new insights by discussing and listening and working interactively with various partners and keynote speakers. Along with all the fun, the participants benefitted from:

• learning more about how sustainability and the transformation of the city Copenhagen are linked.

• Experiencing what it means to be a start-up by discussing with various FinTech’s, how their business model works and the

way they are building their companies.

• Enacting in an enlightening workshop with Nordlicht about sustainability and how sustainability actually starts with


• And later in the day then further inspired by the great contributions of some bloxhub’s members who shared insights on

topics such as; social impact architecture, integrating sustainability and business, drivers for sustainable change and life

centricity and the participants explored how the different departments of Allianz can contribute even more in driving the

green agenda.

Closing the 3 days by working on their personal vision and “life, career and impact plan” for a sustainable future.

It is a great pleasure to be part of such an amazing development journey and supporting such great talents growing both personally and professionally. A massive THANK YOU to Allianz and Renate Braun for her trust in our work and the great collaboration in designing the closing and parts of the program togther with us. A BIG thank you also to all our partners Copenhagen Capacity, Copenhagen Fintech, Nordlicht Management Consultants, BLOXHUB.

If you want more detailed information about the Top Management program at Allianz klick here!


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