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Datavard and +RASMUSSEN Start A Joint Venture To Facilitate Digital Transformation

The software and consulting company Datavard teamed up with the consulting firm +RASMUSSEN to establish Innovard GmbH, a joint venture focused on digital transformation. Innovard provides business transformation consultation and combines technological know-how and leadership skills to facilitate the digitization process. The consulting portfolio is offered to executives of international corporations and includes digital skillset workshops and trainings, as well as support in the development of concrete use cases and project implementation.

“Companies are currently facing the challenge of adapting their business models to the digital age. Executives need new competencies and skills to fully recognize and seize the opportunities brought by digitization”, explains Niels Rasmussen, CEO +RASMUSSEN. “Innovard accompanies management on the path to digital transformation. We want to drive real change through creating digital value, and not just visualizing future projects.”

“Innovard merges the experiences and networks of its founding partners, Datavard and +RASMUSSEN, into an innovative consulting concept that brings together technological know-how and leadership skills,” said Gregor Stoeckler, Datavard CEO. “We enable company leaders to understand technologies such as advanced analytics, Industry 4.0, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We provide strategies to manage pending changes, recognize potential and develop a value compass.”

Innovard’s portfolio is tailored for executives of large enterprises. Services are not limited to traditional consulting and trainings, they also focus on developing and enabling digitization projects. Innovard offers a Digital Readiness Check for identifying strengths, opportunities, obstacles, and risks faced by any company undergoing digitization. Existing projects are monitored in the Co-Innovation Lab, supported by Innovard consultants and external partners such as Innovaptive, HR Factors, or Cloudera. Two renowned German universities are also involved in the Co-Innovation Lab.

About Innovard

Munich based consulting firm Innovard is a joint venture of software and consulting company Datavard and management consulting firm +RASMUSSEN. The portfolio includes consulting services, training, and support in the development of use cases and implementation of digital transformation projects. Innovard targets DAX 30 and large multi-national enterprises. The objective is to accompany management on the path to digital transformation by initiating digitization and transformation projects whilst building senior leadership competencies.

About Datavard

Datavard is an international provider of SAP solutions in the areas of analytics, data management and system operation. International businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Allianz, BASF and Nestle as well as SMEs, choose Datavard as a reliable and innovative partner for optimizing business intelligence analytics, data management, system management and operations, test automation, system landscape optimization (SLO) and SAP HANA implementations. The privately held company was founded in 1998 and is one of the fastest-growing technology companies. Datavard is based in Heidelberg, Germany with subsidiaries across EMEA, the USA and APJ. Further information can be found at or on social media at Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and our Expert Blog.


+RASMUSSEN has been accompanying and supporting DAX and Fortune 500 transformations since it was founded in 2014. Management and quality of leadership are strengthened through a three-step process consisting of organization analysis, board and leadership training, and coaching. +RASMUSSEN tools, STAR®-Model and SBOT®-Analysis, are utilized to achieve these objectives.

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