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Designing Your Life – Digital Journey – May 2021

It's been a real pleasure and great fun to run this first GERMAN DESIGNING YOUR (WORK) LIFE WORKSHOP as a digital journey. Many thanks to our amazing participants for your trust, your time and the openness to try new things. And a big thank you to DYL Consulting USA for our brainstorming sessions in preparation and to Congresservice Alpin Convention GmbH for your wonderful support over the course of the journey!

The 4 weeks journey is a combination of interactive zoom sessions, inspiring content and exercises delivered in between sessions, actions and social learning among the community, and a participant generated “Who’s Who” digital book that facilitates individual connections. Here’s what the journey looks like:

In our 4 zoom sessions, 80% of the workshop is devoted to “radical collaboration” in breakout sessions where diverse groups engage in using design thinking tools and mindsets to meet their pressing needs. They empathize, frame and reframe problems, ideate, prototype and test possibilities in pairs, trios, and groups of six, constantly engaging with different people to get input on their life design challenges. Over half the participants said the “radical collaboration” was the most impactful part of the full program. Shifting from instructor-led to collaborative communities definitely transforms the zoom experience.

What do participants say?

„The +R team Delivered an extraordinarY quaLity!!

Big thanks for this insightful, energizing and enriching DYL Journey.

I enjoyed very much all the powerful content and tools as well as the nice and participative colleagues who were embarked altogether on transforming our lives!"

"The digital journey was a very enriching experience. Even though I already knew the exercises and had already done some of them for myself, it had a completely different effect to work in the group and to be able to exchange ideas. It was amazing how quickly a trusting, deep conversation could develop with people you had just met. The DYL framework is simply great - and a valuable life companion!"

„Many thanks for a great workshop!”

We are already excited about our next digital experience!

In cooperation with Handelsblatt-Euroforum we will offer a digital DYL summer journey in summer.

Save the following dates in August (August 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th ) and stay tuned for details coming up soon!

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