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Desinging Your Work Life at Allianz

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

End of September, we successfully launched the pilot and with that the first DESIGNING YOUR (WORK) LIFE journey at Allianz.

Based on Stanford‘s most popular course, designed and summarized by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans in the New York Times Besteller “Designing Your Life - How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life”, this training shows how design thinking can help create a life that is both fulfilling and successful.

Participants from different functions as well as Allianz’ entities came out of the training feeling they now have the tools to become the designer of their own life – they overall felt more equipped with career and way-finding tools and confident to master life and career than before the workshop.

The ‘Designing Your (Work) Life’ training is aimed to empower people to use a life design thinking process, tools and mindsets to design a flourishing work and life, especially when things change. A very important take-away for the participants was the odyssey-planning and the prototyping to gain more ownership and control of your own career.

The 1 ½ half day workshop followed by individual coaching sessions was initially planned as an in-person experience and we turned it into a virtual journey within a couple of days to meet the current COVID circumstances – meaning we were also designing as we went along.

Overall, the workshop was perceived as very valuable and highly recommendable – with an NPS of +70.

The Follow-Up webinar last week showed that all participants are in the midst of implementing what they learned, designed and planned. We were delighted to see and feel the energy, enthusiasm and momentum for action and change in the entire group.

Quotes from Participants:

“great spirit – very entertaining and also enjoyable considering this period: )"

"Highly recommend this training – Great training program!"

"Extremely helpful in all kinds of life situations! I am very grateful to have participated, it is a wonderful training, thanks to everybody!!!"

"Wonderful training and THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN! A lot to take on & transform from here! Kudos for the virtualcsetup! Good spirit and it was well organized and well delivered!“

Dorle Feldmeier, Principal Designing Your Life

Nicole D. Rasmussen, Head of Academy +R


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