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+RASMUSSEN at the 4th Convention in Kreuzjochhaus (Alpes)

What happens if you combine a special location, special people and a unique setting:

4th convention days by Alpine Conventions. We are proud to be invited and had a wonderful time, meet great people and got to enjoy the true nature high up in the Alpes above Garmisch Patenkirchen.

Read more about the event here.

Dorle, Nicole and Niels had two inspiring days high up in the Alpes in the most cozy, unique mountain chalet with a very interesting mix of professionals, experts and true characters. Our journey which of course also included climbing the mountains took us from failure to mastering new challenges.

The first evening we were delighted to meet such a true character with a unique life story, such as Helge Achenbach. Just being released from prison after being sentenced to 6 years and 16 millions for one of the worlds biggest fraud cases as an art dealer, he took us with on his entire journey through highest successes and biggest failures.

The next day, we learned form top-class athletes how to surpass oneself and sustain high performance. Standing up at the starting point of the Kandahar, we learned from the best what it takes to make it down one of the most dangerous downhill runs.

Niels introduced +RASMUSSEN, how we make our clients successful through healthy, happy growth and enable them to transform to excell.

Dorle took us all on a first journey to DESIGNING YOUR LIFE and made the entire reflect on their status quo of their lives by assessing their levels of love, play, work and health.

Thanks to Alpine Convention for the impressive location, event and special moments!


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